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Lash Extensions

Social Brows & Lashes is an esthetics business in Kamloops, BC dedicated to bringing out the beauty in the windows to the soul - the eyes! By framing your unique and expressive eyes with full and luxurious lashes and eyebrows, you make a statement to yourself and others. A statement that combines vitality and glamour, that is bold and beautiful!

We provide our clients with exquisite lash extensions at Social Brows & Lashes. To get the most out of lash extensions, we have some tips to help you choose the right lash extensions and to keep your lashes healthy and full between sessions.

Choosing a Lash Extension

1. It is important to choose a lash that achieves your desired look and maintains your lash health. We offer Classic, Hybrid, and Volume options and we will be happy to discuss each option with you.

Caring for your Lash Extension Between Fills

2. Between sessions, there are steps you can take to take care of lashes for maximum retention, including lash shampooing. There is a lot of information online about lash shampoo, and our number one tip is to use one that is specifically made for lashes, and at the time intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Time Frame for Fills

3. Most clients return every 2 weeks to maintain full and fluffy lashes. Some choose to return every 3 weeks and, even with the extra week, clients are returning with full lashes.

Allow yourself the time to wake leisurely and start your day knowing you won't need to make a fuss with your lashes. Go to the gym, walk in the rain, live your life as you desire - and be assured that your lash extensions will remain intact. If you live in the Kamloops area, and have thought about adding some pizzazz to your lashes, Contact Us at Social Brows & Lashes and find out about our high-quality lash extensions.